The Landlord

By Ken Merrell

Five young girls are dead in a small Utah community. Their long dark hair is the only common element.

Officer Rick Stacey and his K-9, Sig, are determined to stop the mayhem, but they get set up by a powerful and dangerous man, who leaves them helpless to save the next victim.

Don Rodriquez has less than thirty days to find a job and a home for himself and his daughter, Christina, or finish a ninety-day stay in  the county lock up. One more explosion of his volatile temper will ruin everything.

Melvin Briggs, a friendly landlord makes Don and Christina an offer they should have turned down.  Don knows the previous tenants moved out in a hurry, he just doesn’t know why.

A very excellent thriller. The plot and characters just flowed like you were right next to them. Love the author’s writing and style. Excellent book and recommend highly.
Micky P.
I couldn’t put this one down. I think I boiled water for spagetti for over an hour because I couldn’t walk away.
This is probably one of the best mystery books I have read. Very unpredictable. A movie should be made from it. Worth the read!!!!
Kimberly W.

Identity Check

by Ken Merrell

When a crazy, seemingly harmless old homeless woman, Rebecca Lambert, pilfers private information from Nevada ’s most powerful political figures, she sets in motion a chaotic, far-reaching chain of events.  Before long, a treacherous game of identity theft unfolds that could change the country’s laws forever.

Identity Check has been made into an animated storyboard movie. Check it out!Watch Identity Check for free on Amazon Studios (1:28:29)
Ken’s Identity Check would make a suspenseful but humorous film!
Hugh S.
Great book, refreshing to find some new interesting characters
Mark S.
Brilliant!!! I love the plot and cast of characters that are different from so many other crime books and movies. I didn’t want it to end.
Rosalind S.